The Basic Aromatherapy Kit: tools and equipment

As you start out, you can make your kitchen equipment and utensils do double duty. Just make sure that you clean them out before either cooking or making your beauty concoctions!


If you think that you’ll be making more of your own beauty recipes, then it would be wise to start investing in equipment that will be used for that purpose alone. Check out what type of recipes you do the most, and what equipment you use, and start acquiring those.


Here’s a list of the basic tools of the trade that you’ll need. Take note that you don’t need all of these at the same time. 


For formulating

·         A variety of different-sized glass or ceramic bowls, preferably heat-resistant ones. You’ll use these to mix ingredients.

·         Measuring cups. Again, glass is preferred for its non-reactivity. The glass measuring cups are also easier to clean and read.

·         Measuring spoons. Don’t use silver, copper or aluminium spoons as they may react with certain ingredients.

·         Double broiler. Or a pot big enough to hold a medium-sized bowl or container standing on a trivet.

·         Tea kettle or electric kettle, for easy heating of water.

·         Wooden spoons for mixing.

·         Wire whisk. It helps mix ingredients more evenly and emulsify them.

·         Chopping board and knives, to chop up herbs and other ingredients.

·         Strainer. 

·         Glass droppers for adding essential oils (the oils may react with or melt plastic droppers).

·         Mortar and pestle.

·         Blender or food processor. Glass still works best.

·         Glass jars and bottles, to put your concoctions in. Make sure that they’re clean and sterilized, to prevent any contamination or molds growing.

·         Plastic bottles. Flip tops work well, and spray bottles can be of good use too.

·         Funnel, for easy pouring into bottles.   


For application

·         Large bowl or small basin, to use for steaming your face.

·         Medium-sized basin, or at least one big enough to soak your feet in.

·          Bath mitt, puff or sponge.

·         Natural bristle brush.

·         Pumice stone or skin file for exfoliating feet and other rough spots.

·         Shower cap, to intensify the effects of hair treatments. You can also use plastic wrap or a clean plastic bag.

·         Towels: oversized bath towels for your body, regular ones for your hair or for steaming, washcloths for compresses.

·         Disposable rubber gloves, for applying mud or other messy treatments.

·         Large plastic sheets—to stand over while applying messy treatments, to make cleanup easier.


Some notes

·         Sterilize plastic containers the same way you would baby bottles—boil gently in clean water for a few minutes, then lift out and drain (make sure that the plastic containers are heat resistant).

·         You can also sterilize glass containers and their lids in boiling water. Or you could stick the glass in a 100F oven for about 10 minutes.

·         When preparing your beauty concoctions, prepare your area first. Put away all food items. Make sure that you have access to clean hot and cold water, and a stove. Prep all ingredients and equipment.

·         Don’t use equipment with or tools made of silver, copper, aluminium, Teflon or cast iron—these could react with some of the ingredients. Use glass, stainless steel or enamel.