Belo Nutraceuticals Glutathione+Collagen Dietary Supplements

Collagen” is the magic word in Vicki Belo’s latest breakthrough in beauty. There are many skin whitening pills in the market, but Vicki is making women happier by adding collagen to her newest product aptly called Glutathione+ Collagen.

”Our product combines the power of whitening and anti-aging in one capsule,”she says.”It is the first of the dietary supplements created by the new division of our Belo Medical Group called Belo Nutraceuticals.This division will focus on beautifying men and women from within. That means you simply have to take a capsule to look more beautiful.”

Vicki explains that her team of doctors and scientists conducted a test on women taking several unidentified brands of whitening capsules, including Belo’s Glutathione + Collagen for several months.The result? The women who took the Belo capsules had fairer skin than the rest.

”We don’t want to sell any product that doesn’t work,” Vicki emphasizes,” that’s why we conduct tests and experiments very thoroughly before we put any product in the market.”

Belo Essentials and Nutraceuticals are available online at

Tips for Augmenting Your Skin Whitening Treatment with Natural Options

What You Need to Know About Skin Whitening – Part 5

Skin whitening products and therapy are very effective at lightening your problem skin areas to create a beautiful, even-toned complexion, but there is also a variety of natural skin whitening options that you might like to know about. These natural options are best used in tandem with skin whitening products and other treatments. They are also useful if you have a negative reaction to your current skin whitening product or treatment and would like to continue your efforts as you seek out new products to try. Natural skin whitening options can bridge the gap between stopping the irritating treatment and your dermatologist recommending a new option. That way, you can still stay on track to achieving lighter, more even-toned skin.

Here are some natural skin whitening options to get you started:

  • The natural acidic essential oils located in citrus fruit peels are great for lightening dark spots. The next time you eat an orange, save the peels and put them out in the sun or other warm location to dry. When they are completely dry, grind them into a powder and add milk (as close to raw as you can get) to make a paste. Apply this paste every day to the skin area(s) you would like to whiten. Wait for the paste to dry, and then rinse it off with lukewarm water.
  • Get sandalwood powder and add lemon juice, tomato juice and cucumber juice to the powder to make a paste. As with the orange paste, apply the mixture daily to the skin areas you would like to whiten, wait for it to dry, and then rinse the paste off with lukewarm water. An alternative to this method is to not include the sandalwood powder and just use the combined liquid from the lemon, tomato and cucumber rather than the paste.
  • Get two spoonfuls of gram flour (which contains a whitening agent) and add a pinch of turmeric, a few drops of lemon juice and a few drops of milk cream. Apply the resulting paste to your skin, wait for it to dry, and then scrub it off (the scrubbing helps to remove dead skin cells and leave newer, healthier skin behind)
  • Allow almonds to soak in water overnight. The next day, peel the almonds and grind them into a powder. Add honey to this almond powder to make a paste, and apply to the skin areas that need whitening. Let it dry, and then scrub it off.
  • Potato juice has a great natural whitening agent, which reduces pigmentation and blemishes. Rub the juice onto your problem spots daily, and give it some time to penetrate your skin before showering.

As you can see, various foods and liquids that you likely use frequently and may already have in your kitchen can be mixed together to effectively whiten your skin naturally. The benefits of these liquids and pastes is that they come from all natural sources, which is great if you would like to naturally augment your current product without worrying about product side effects.

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Skin Whitening Lifestyle: Eat Right and Be Sun-Smart

What You Need to Know About Skin Whitening – Part 4

If you have begun your research into skin whitening options, you have likely come across various treatments, such as pills, creams, bleaches and laser therapy. What you may not yet be aware of, is that in conjunction with the skin whitening product you will be using, you can also make certain lifestyle choices to help augment and maintain the product’s skin whitening effect.

Standard advice for maintaining healthy, blemish-free skin should also be taken to heart when pursuing skin whitening treatment, such as being aware of sun exposure. UV rays speed up melanin production, which, if you are turning to skin whitening products to even out dark spots in your complexion, is exactly opposite of what you want to see happening.

While the skin whitening product will whiten the dark skin area, too much sun exposure will darken it right back again. The lesson here is to remember your beauty advice: Stay out of the sun when you can (which does not mean you have to stay inside, but consider wearing a stylish hat outdoors) and use plenty of sunscreen. Even if you are not prone to burning, you are not immune to UV damage, so remember that you need to reapply sunscreen often, depending on the sunscreen’s SPF level and the activities you are engaging in (sweat-producing exercise and getting in the water are two primary activities that need frequent sunscreen reapplication). Plus, check out the various make-up products at your favorite beauty store that contain SPF protection so you can look fabulous and protect your skin during skin whitening treatment simultaneously.

But sun-smart tactics are not the only lifestyle choices that can help keep your skin looking lovely and even-toned. Did you know balanced nutrition also helps strengthen your skin? Keeping a healthy and balanced diet is not only for satisfying your body’s nutritional needs and preventing eating-related illnesses. Eating healthy also enriches your exterior, from your hair down to your toenails.

Enjoy foods in the antioxidant category such as blackberries, blueberries and black grapes. Not only are these foods delicious, but antioxidants are fantastic for your skin. Antioxidants fight against free radicals that damage your cells and cause cellular decay, so eating foods from this powerhouse group keeps your skin glowing and fresh.
Remember to drink lots of water. Water hydrates your skin, which keeps it free of blemishes. By keeping in mind how much water you are drinking, you are giving the skin whitening product a big helping hand. As the product is doing its work, you are right there behind it protecting and strengthening the new skin.

Skin whitening products will work to reduce uneven skin tone areas to give you a beautiful flawless complexion. But you will have to maintain that complexion after treatment has ended in order to keep your skin looking beautiful. By making certain lifestyle choices, which benefit you in more ways than just skin whitening, you will be able to make the skin whitening treatment really count, and you will enjoy a lovely, even-toned complexion for a long time afterward.

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What to Think About Skin-Whitening

What You Need to Know About Skin Whitening – Part 3

In the prior segments of this series, we’ve gone over how skin whitening works and examples of the types of skin whitening beauty products available. Now it is time to talk about possibly the most important part: safety. While skin whitening treatments can produce fabulous results to give you that glowing, even-toned skin, if skin whitening is done wrong, you could potentially face both short- and long-term skin damage. Whether or not you are working with a dermatologist, you should not begin any skin whitening treatment without thoroughly researching the products and their effects.

What to Think About and What to Watch Out For

Some skin whitening treatments will promise fast results – and you will get them, but at severe long-term cost to your skin and health. An even complexion is not worth poisoning your body or causing permanent damage to your skin. Many of the safer skin whitening treatments are sometimes more expensive, so be sure you are prepared for the cost that comes with completing this process safely. If you cannot afford it, you may want to consider other options rather than do something harmful.

Some say the pills and other products that contain metathione and glutathione are better for you, because metathione and glutathione are powerful antioxidants that already occur in your body naturally. You will also likely find vitamin C being included in these products, as Vitamin C increases glutathione’s effectiveness.

Hydroquinone is a main ingredient in many skin-whitening products, and there is some debate about its safety. Some research indicates that, when used in a small dosage, complications arising from hydroquinone are minimal, so be sure you are not using a product with a high concentration of hydroquinone.

Be aware of the potential side effects of any skin-whitening product you are considering. Are the benefits of the product worth risking the side effects? For example, a common result of skin bleach is a condition called ocronosis, which is persistent acne.

Be aware of what the side effects actually entail. For example, say you are willing to risk ocronosis in order to get the lightened skin results bleaching offers. Would you feel the same if you knew that not only is it fairly common to develop ocronosis but that, thanks to ocronosis’ ability to drop into your dermis, it is very difficult to remove? By not only finding out what the side effects are, but also what those side effects actually mean to your skin in the short and long term, you will be better able to make an informed decision about which skin whitening beauty product to use.

This way, you hopefully will not be blindsided by any reactions or new problems that would have caused you to make different choices if you were aware of them prior to choosing a skin whitening product. This is also a great reason to consult a dermatologist, as these professionals will be aware of potential side effects and can help you understand what you can expect to experience on your safe quest to lightening problem skin areas and achieving that beautiful, even-toned complexion.

Most people considering skin whitening products and treatments are looking for an option that will provide fast results. It is only natural to want to correct areas of darker pigmentation and obtain an even complexion as quickly as possible. However, it is a far better course of action to take the time to fully understand the ingredients, potential results and possible side effects of each product you are considering. This will allow you to make an educated decision that will help you in achieving the lasting skin whitening you desire in a safe and effective manner.

Types of Skin Whitening Products

What You Need to Know About Skin Whitening – Part 2

In the previous segment we went over how skin whitening beauty products work, the important antioxidants involved in skin whitening treatments, and a few general ways to achieve that even-toned complexion you crave. In this segment, we will go into more detail about the types of skin whitening beauty products on the market.

Types of Skin Whitening Products

A variety of skin whitening treatments are available, some more popular and more tested than others. You will find several skin whitening creams that are applied just like lotion. There are also pills, lasers, cosmetic peels and combination treatments. There are many options when it comes to skin whitening beauty products, so you will find conflicting viewpoints on which type of product is better. The best idea is to consult your dermatologist to find which product or combination of products works best for your skin and the degree of skin whitening you want.

As an example of the types of skin whitening products available, let’s take a look at a particular brand: the Belo Essentials Dermalight Skin System. Remember that skin whitening products are designed to inhibit melanin production, prevent melanin transfer and promote new growth while strengthening existing cells to make your even-toned skin a permanent achievement.

Within the Belo Essentials beauty product line, you will find such products as:

  • A body bar that smoothes and lightens your skin. This soap is formulated with microbeads that mildly exfoliate your dead skin cells to rejuvenate your problem skin areas. Plus, by removing the old skin, it exposes the new layer that makes you look more fresh and radiant.
  • A whitening lotion that promises fast results when used on dark skin areas. This lotion contains Pentavin that attracts and holds onto moisture as it penetrates your skin, which gives it a healthy appearance. Plus, it contains chamomile extract to sooth potential skin irritation. Also, this lotion does not give that icky sticky feeling, so you feel good the moment you put it on.
  • A face wash that promotes skin rejuvenation. It inhibits tyrosinase, which means it reduces melanin production as well. Say goodbye to your skin’s problem dark spots, and watch for the noticeable results as your skin lightens to an even tone.
  • A day cream and night cream. The day whitening cream moisturizes and provides SPF 15 protection, which helps protect your skin from excessive melanin. The night therapy whitening cream helps you lighten your skin while you sleep with natural fruit extracts and antioxidants.

As you can see, these products are not only designed to whiten your skin, but also to promote new growth and help maintain that even-toned skin you are taking such steps to achieve. You will also notice that these products contain natural ingredients, which helps you lighten your skin with minimal irritation. While it is a great choice, this product line is not exhaustive of the skin whitening options available to you. Find what works best for your skin, can provide the results you want and is most convenient for you to stick with.

Whiter Skin with SkinWhite

Having a white skin is a fad nowadays regardless of age. People specially females are so conscious of their skin color and would do anything to achieve a whiter and fairer skin. To some women it is tantamount to confidence and an edge over others who were born with a natural brown color.

A whiter skin is close to a smoother and finer skin, a description that fits beauty and elegance. Now there is a healthy and effective way of achieving a whiter skin…..SkinWhite, the number one skin whitening product in the Philippines.

– It offers a range of products that not only whitens the skin effectively, but also nourishes it, making it whiter and healthier.

– It has RENEWhite 3C that effectively whitens skin in just 2 weeks.

– It has Vitanourish Formula, a blend of Vitamins B5, B3 and E that nourishes the skin and protect it against dryness, making it soft and smooth.

– It can be used as often as needed without harming your skin

The SkinWhite whitening range are:

  • SkinWhite Glutathione Oral Capsule – powerful anti-oxidant
  • SkinWhite Glutathione Soap – helps lighten even stubborn marks and spots in just seven days
  • SkinWhite Glutathione Lotion – combines vitamins B5, B3, C & E that moisturizes your skin making it soft and smooth all over
  • SkinWhite Milk Soap – lathers into a rich cream that moisturizes and softens skin
  • 3-in-1 Powerwhitening Face Cream Powder – moisturizes the skin as a Cream and magically transforms itself into a powder
  • SkinWhite Powerwhitening Lotion – non-greasy and non-sticky formula leaves your skin feeling light
  • SkinWhite Powerwhitening Face Cream – provides skin clarity
  • SkinWhite Powerwhitening Soap – whitens continually
  • SkinWhite Whitening Hand and Body Lotion – with SPF to protect skin from sun-damage
  • SkinWhite Whitening Bath Soap – cleanses skin, leaving it soft and smooth
  • SkinWhite PowerWhitening Face Solution – gently removes deep-seated dirt, clears and refines pores
  • SkinWhite Whitening Deodorant – promotes smoother and whiter underarm in as early as 2 weeks

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Pond’s Flawless White

Featured Product

For more than 150 years, Pond’s has cared for women’s skin around the world. After years of research at the Pond’s Institute in Tokyo, a global pioneer in skin lightening and facial care, presents  the revolutionary Pond’s Flawless White Visible Lightening Day Cream. Formulated with Pond’s best skin lightening technology,  Pond’s Flawless White Visible Lightening Day Cream is specially created for Asian skin, visibly lightening  and helping reduce dark spots and blemishes in as short as seven days.

Pond’s Flawless White contains VAO-B3 complex: a combination of vitamin E, allantoin, and optics powdered B3 complex, which lightens skin and works harder on dark spots and blemishes to help deliver flawless, radiant skin.

About Ponds

Pond’s is a global face care expert that has a presence in 58 countries, including the three top face care countries – USA,  Japan and Korea.

The brand boasts of state-of-the-art R&D facilities in New York and Tokyo, helping it create international beauty solutions for the discerning woman. The Pond’s philosophy is based on the application of leading-edge technology to face care and an intimate understanding of the woman’s skin care needs and requirements.