Types of Skin Whitening Products

What You Need to Know About Skin Whitening – Part 2

In the previous segment we went over how skin whitening beauty products work, the important antioxidants involved in skin whitening treatments, and a few general ways to achieve that even-toned complexion you crave. In this segment, we will go into more detail about the types of skin whitening beauty products on the market.

Types of Skin Whitening Products

A variety of skin whitening treatments are available, some more popular and more tested than others. You will find several skin whitening creams that are applied just like lotion. There are also pills, lasers, cosmetic peels and combination treatments. There are many options when it comes to skin whitening beauty products, so you will find conflicting viewpoints on which type of product is better. The best idea is to consult your dermatologist to find which product or combination of products works best for your skin and the degree of skin whitening you want.

As an example of the types of skin whitening products available, let’s take a look at a particular brand: the Belo Essentials Dermalight Skin System. Remember that skin whitening products are designed to inhibit melanin production, prevent melanin transfer and promote new growth while strengthening existing cells to make your even-toned skin a permanent achievement.

Within the Belo Essentials beauty product line, you will find such products as:

  • A body bar that smoothes and lightens your skin. This soap is formulated with microbeads that mildly exfoliate your dead skin cells to rejuvenate your problem skin areas. Plus, by removing the old skin, it exposes the new layer that makes you look more fresh and radiant.
  • A whitening lotion that promises fast results when used on dark skin areas. This lotion contains Pentavin that attracts and holds onto moisture as it penetrates your skin, which gives it a healthy appearance. Plus, it contains chamomile extract to sooth potential skin irritation. Also, this lotion does not give that icky sticky feeling, so you feel good the moment you put it on.
  • A face wash that promotes skin rejuvenation. It inhibits tyrosinase, which means it reduces melanin production as well. Say goodbye to your skin’s problem dark spots, and watch for the noticeable results as your skin lightens to an even tone.
  • A day cream and night cream. The day whitening cream moisturizes and provides SPF 15 protection, which helps protect your skin from excessive melanin. The night therapy whitening cream helps you lighten your skin while you sleep with natural fruit extracts and antioxidants.

As you can see, these products are not only designed to whiten your skin, but also to promote new growth and help maintain that even-toned skin you are taking such steps to achieve. You will also notice that these products contain natural ingredients, which helps you lighten your skin with minimal irritation. While it is a great choice, this product line is not exhaustive of the skin whitening options available to you. Find what works best for your skin, can provide the results you want and is most convenient for you to stick with.

What Skin Whitening Products Do

The pigment melanin is involved in creating skin, eye and hair color. Many people experience too much melanin production, which shows up in uneven skin tone and darker patches on various areas of the body. Skin whitening products work to reduce or block melanin production, and inhibit the enzyme that kicks off the melanin process.

Two of the most popular ingredients in skin whitening beauty products are glutathione and metathione. These are powerful antioxidants that occur naturally in the body, so using skin whitening products with these antioxidants as the primary whitening agents means that you are taking steps to an even-toned complexion in a safer, less damaging manner than some of the more caustic bleaching beauty products.

Glutathione nourishes and repairs your skin, working to:

  • Give skin a radiant glow
  • Reduce the appearance of pores
  • Produce anti-aging results
  • Improve skin hyperpigmentations
  • Make skin smoother and clearer

As you can see, with all of these great skin benefits glutathione has to offer, it follows that skin whitening beauty products would employ greater concentrations of this naturally occurring and very powerful antioxidant to help people achieve even skin tone.

Metathione is a type of glutathione and is, therefore, also a powerful antioxidant that naturally occurs in the body. Metathione helps to repair the cells that get damaged due to the type of environment we live in, such as smoggy cities, the water we drink and the chemicals and pesticides we are exposed to in food. This repair ability translates to a fantastic beauty benefit thanks to these antioxidants’ ability to repair damaged areas and to lighten problem skin patches.

Other common skin whitening beauty products contain various bleaching agents. Many people are attracted to the bleaching products because they sometimes can produce fast results. Bleaching products contain various types of acid (the type of acid depends on the bleaching beauty product brand) that strips away your old skin to expose the new skin underneath. Bleaching products may contain a sunscreen component to protect your new skin from being damaged before it has had a chance to develop defenses.

If you choose a bleaching method, be prepared to experience slight itching where the bleach is applied, skin dryness and peeling dry skin. While bleaching products can produce great results, there is also the risk of short-term and long-term skin damage as a result of using too much bleach or not the right type of product for your skin. Always consult a dermatologist before deciding on a skin whitening regimen.