Belo Nutraceuticals Glutathione+Collagen Dietary Supplements

Collagen” is the magic word in Vicki Belo’s latest breakthrough in beauty. There are many skin whitening pills in the market, but Vicki is making women happier by adding collagen to her newest product aptly called Glutathione+ Collagen.

”Our product combines the power of whitening and anti-aging in one capsule,”she says.”It is the first of the dietary supplements created by the new division of our Belo Medical Group called Belo Nutraceuticals.This division will focus on beautifying men and women from within. That means you simply have to take a capsule to look more beautiful.”

Vicki explains that her team of doctors and scientists conducted a test on women taking several unidentified brands of whitening capsules, including Belo’s Glutathione + Collagen for several months.The result? The women who took the Belo capsules had fairer skin than the rest.

”We don’t want to sell any product that doesn’t work,” Vicki emphasizes,” that’s why we conduct tests and experiments very thoroughly before we put any product in the market.”

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