How Your Skin’s Ecology Affects Skin Whitening Treatment

What You Need to Know About Skin Whitening – Part 6

Did you know the effectiveness of skin whitening products can be based on your skin’s ecology? You are spending time and money on skin whitening methods that will create a beautiful, even-toned complexion, so it is a good idea to learn about how certain conditions affect the appearance of your skin before starting skin whitening treatment. Read on to learn what you need to know about your skin’s ecology and how to best target your problem areas.

Skin ecology encompasses how your skin interacts with the environment, which affects your skin’s health and color.
Here are some things you may notice about your skin:

Skin Roughness – As you age, your skin changes in response to the many environmental and personal factors it has experienced throughout your life. This can lead to a rough skin texture, meaning that there is a hill-and-valley effect composed of dead skin cells on your skin’s surface. When light hits this bumpy, uneven texture it creates shadows, which makes your skin have a darker appearance.

The fix: Remove the rough skin with exfoliating agents. Pick your favorite exfoliant or make your own with one part baking soda mixed with two parts water. Exfoliating away those dead cells will brighten up your skin – particularly on your face – and reduce that shadow effect.

Blackheads – Blackheads are made up of hard oils mixed with skin debris which essentially creates a plug that blocks your pores. Blackheads are so named because they have a black appearance at the tip. Blackheads can cause problems with skin whitening treatments because deeply rooted blackheads will still give your skin a darker appearance even when the skin whitening product is working to lighten your skin.

The fix: It is critical to remove those blackheads. Be sure, however, that you are using the right method. If you improperly remove blackheads with tapes or frequent squeezing, you can actually leave part of the blackhead trapped in your pore, which means it still makes your skin look dark. The best way to completely remove blackheads is to first steam your pores in a sauna environment or by applying warm towels to your face. Once you have steamed the area, than you can remove them by whatever method you find most effective.

Large Pores – Your skin may naturally have large pores, or, if you are prone to blackheads, your pores might have increased in size. Large pores create shadows on your skin, which will make your skin look dark even with skin whitening treatments.

The fix: Use a deep cleaning clay mask or steam your skin to cleanse your pores (the bigger they are the more particles they accumulate) and reduce them to normal size.

As you can see, there are several things to be aware of with your skin ecology that applies to skin whitening. By knowing how to fix these common skin ailments, your skin whitening products will be more effective and you will not spend as much time or money wondering why your beauty products are not working properly.